Experience that Matters

Diverse Experience to Solve Downtown’s Issues
  • As a Lawyer (mediator, arbitrator, pro tem judge, administrative hearing officer)
  • As a Mental Health counselor
  • As a small business owner
  • As a housing provider
Small Business Owner
  • Housing Provider, Property Manager in Downtown San José since 1989
  • Yoga Instructor & Owner, Yoga in Union Studio in Downtown
  • President of BAHN-SJ, Business and Housing Network for San José (1,000 members)
Mental Health Counselor
  • Assistant Counselor, Pacific Center at San José Medical Hospital – Counseled minors in a locked-down facility (schizophrenia, suicide attempts, cutting, substance abuse)
  • Administrative Hearing Officer, Santa Clara County
  • Judge Pro Tem, Santa Clara County (adjudicated over 2,000 small claims cases)
  • Board of Directors & Treasurer, Sentencing Alternatives Program, Santa Clara County
  • Founder & Director, Mediation Program for Santa Clara County Pro Bono Project
  • Mediator & Arbitrator, Santa Clara County
  • Mediator, Department of Insurance, State of California
  • Arbitrator, Santa Clara County Bar Association
  • Teacher, San José State University
  • Lecturer: Santa Clara University School of Law, USF, SFSU
Finance & Sales, IBM
  • Financial Analyst – R&D
  • Cost Analyst – Manufacturing
  • General Accountant – Corporate
  • Executive Management Consultant
  • Regional Manager
  • Area Marketing Manager
Volunteer & Leadership
  • Board of Director, ACT for Community Mental Health
  • Initiator & Organizer, 40 meals for 40 nights for Fire Fighters affected by 911
  • Initiator & Organizer, Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser for Firefighter’s Bell
  • Mediator, Legal Advocates for Children & Youth
  • Consultant, Junior Achievement
  • Assistant Counselor, Covenant House for Runaway Minors
  • Assistant Counselor, Children’s Institute for Autism
  • Teachers Assistant, McCauly’s School for Mentally Handicapped Children
  • Fund Raiser & Hugger, Special Olympics
  • Souper, NYC Soup Kitchen
Special Interests
  • Studied indigenous weaving design & indigenous medicine, Guatemala
  • Participated in archeological dig at Maya sites, University of Texas, Belize
  • Studied language and culture in: Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica
Education & Training
  • Villanova University, Pennsylvania Accounting, BS
  • Santa Clara University, California Law, JD
  • University of San Francisco, California Marriage & Family, Children Counseling, MA
  • Northern California Graduate University Counseling Psychology, PhD
Mediation & Arbitration
  • Family Conflict Mediation
  • Lemmon Mediation Institute
  • Oregon Mediation Institute
  • Santa Clara County Office of Human Relations
Communication & Negotiation
  • Conflict Management, Harvard Negotiation Project
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (6 weeks)
  • IBM Marketing (30 weeks)
  • IBM Management Consulting (6 weeks)

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