The Right Set of Experience to Turn D3 Around

I have lived in District 3 for 33 years. I have seen our quality of life degrade - homelessness, crime, trash are all on the rise to indefensible and unsustainable levels. We need to reverse the legacy of failure, and I aim to bring my diverse set of professional skills (a pro tem judge, a lawyer, a mental health counselor, a small business owner and a housing provider) to make D3 what it should be: SJ's best place to raise a family and start a business.


Downtown resident, pedestrian, bike and visitor safety is dependent on our city departments and their ability to function together. Moving forward as a cleaner, faster, smarter City.


We want our parks, creeks and sidewalks to be clean, inclusive and inviting.


The plight of our unhoused neighbors has been tolerated, abandoned, and neglected for too long. They deserve better and we must act together.

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My multi-disciplined professional careers all work together, bringing a collection of problem solving skills to quickly find common ground, target core issues, and implement measurement-based solutions.


that Matters

I have called Downtown home since 1989. I live here. I work here. And I bring together a wide range of relevant experience. Read more about my realistic solutions to improve downtown on my Medium account here.

  • Small business owner
  • Mental health care provider
  • Housing provider
  • Conflict resolution collaborator
  • Administrative Law Officer
  • Pro Tem Judge
  • Accountant

Live Here.

Work Here.

Living and working in District 3 for 33 years, I know the challenges of raising a family and starting a business in our neighborhood.

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Like any grassroots campaign, our strength is in the enthusiasm of our supporters. Our mighty team of dedicated residents believe change is possible when we work together. Join our Team Irene!